im a dreamer part tres

ok, fo’ serious guys, that cake, i want for my 18th

so tomorrow’s the kid sister’s 13th but heck! i’m not going to blog about her birthday. i’m going to talk about mine! yes i am

this year it has to be big. like BAM! i want it like BAM! with streamers and like black and silver ballons all up in my house and fairy dust just like twinkling freely into everyone’s eyes and we be like my bitch tinkerbell or something

lights Pictures, Images and Photos

okay so straight up, i want a pink elephant and chocolate milkshake to be flowing into glass cups stacked together and i want those chocolate covered strawberries on free flow

Chocolate covered Strawberry Pictures, Images and Photos

youre welcome

i want a whole table of sweet treats like marshmellows and all that high sugar thing ’cause we be needin’ all the suga we can get hun

chocolate fondue Pictures, Images and Photos

music music music. i want my party to be poppin so because DJ a.m is dead, i want spacecowboy to be scratching some records. and timbaland and jt better be singin’ me some birthday song of some sorts

neon lights and laser shows will take place and i need a fog machine all up in it and i’ll have those calvin klein underwear models to serve all of y’all up

all of y’all

put yo hands up

photography Pictures, Images and Photos
we all be in

party mode Pictures, Images and Photos

so all y’all cellphone’s better be loud if you wanna hear yo calls or something

k whatevs, next

i want shitloads of presents and they better be expensive or i’ll just throw them out and donate it to haiti or something

i want those juicy coutures, those prada, those jimmy choos, those nine west, those Louis Vuitton those burberry  THOSE WHATEVA EXPENSIVE THINGS THAT I DESERVE

i want that seksi beast adam lambert to just do his thang and make sure we all have a good night

all of y’all just have a good time


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