today’s a good day

i dont want to be this mango

hey mods

hannah is holding her 18th bday party (someone’s finally legal)(soonish) at Caribbean at Keppel Bay and we are going to do some manicure pedicure shit and facials and stuff. exciting

yesterday i dreamt of DO, RE and MI. I dreamnt that DO had a wad of long yellow extensions all up in it on his head. and RE tried ‘prank calling’ me and MI wanted to watch movies. i dreamt i lived on a ship

so today i had my service excellence examination and for an exam that we could talk to each other with (its group based) it was, fairly amusing. it was more of a ‘remembering what we studied and vomiting out everything the next day’ kind of paper for us

so in the middle of the paper i started telling my girls about the dream i had and we laughed like it’s okay. hannah says that its either i’m lusting over DO RE MI or hating them with so much passion that they decided to just do a little pop up in my dream. nana voted lust


luch time, i was dead hungry so i decided to finally eat lunch and while azlin and i were still laughing over my dream, DO RE MI decided that it was most convinient for them to line up right behind us. and MI was practically leaning againts us, trying to see what they could eat

and they also decided to sit at the table infront of us. MI was obviously trying to tease us. that idiot. and RE went along with it. DO didnt know where the hell his entourage was and looked like a lost puppy. more like a lost big black bulldog. i tried not to laugh, but i failed

there’s just something funny about knowing that we always make up stories about DO RE MI and we have a strong feeling they do the same too. karma’s a bitch only when you are, so

and i saw Joel. and suzzie says she saw him playing catching and that he was so into it he actually ran into the girls toilet. whateva, i still like him. sorta

i also saw sharil, suzzie’s boyfriend. oh wait is he?

because we had a 3 hour break, me and my girls went to the student hub to get our nails done. and i drank barley. and i saw wan. we lapwhored. as in me and azlin. not me and wan. sheesh y’all dont make me all flustered

year 2’s were having their photo taking session. and in 2 weeks they’ll graduate. and… NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! i dont want y’all to graduate!

syahrum walked past ou class and i was supposed to smile. but i forgot. sorry


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