that is the coolest nail art evar. without your stupid acrylics and swarovski crystals and rhinestones and glitter. this is legit

yes, yes i am awake again in the morning to do some shit we all know as project works. isn’t that fun you guys? no

do you guys realize things always gets like 5x louder in the wee mornings?

yesterday was the day that i realize that some of my classmates are might just be gay. not that there’s anything wrong with that. i think. but abit more observation might just reveal the light. or something like that


they are so bloody comfortable with each others skin so, no harm, no harm

Yan Xun, Cheng An and Clement was agreeing/disagreeing with me on who’s hot and who’s not (in the top 5o bachelors in CLEO). he is such a ‘perfectionist’ to say the least. and gay, to the least. dont think i didnt hear your strangled breath, looking at the hot bods. yes, you were too close for comfort

but if you say this aint hot, you blind boy. blind

he like BAM! like raven symone BAM!

bubblepopelectric- gwen stefani is stuck in my head. damn


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