fierce fabulous bitch

hey mods, i’m feeling Tyrone-ish today, cause i cant get shit together

anyways, to my dearest friend Aylana Bebeh Serizawakaka Takiyato (or something along those lines)(yes, her name is that long) get yo’ shit together ’cause you knaw there be a mow hot papis youknawhamsayin’? cheer up bb gurl cause you aint cute no mow when you sad

pilates class ended at 11 50AM today and after skipping classes for awhile this shit works up a sweat. and i got gym later. and wan has soccer. and i get to oogle. and i lalalalal~ sweet dreams are made of you babe

i know my previous post is password privated, for intended readers only, because it is so bloody emo i hate myself

dont y’all agree that adam lambert is a fine pussy? no? haterz to da left bish

how could you not like my baby angel face?

orgasmic or what?

seksi~ sorry im reusing his fiecer gif y’all

werk it!


2 Responses to fierce fabulous bitch

  1. Nana says:

    hahahaha…. it’s Serizawa Takiya beb.
    lol. you almost got it.
    hahhs. thnkss ehhh. soon.. if not, 1 or 2 mre month jek this thing will last. den graduation.. =)

  2. Lynneh says:

    adam lambert! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!!

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