i bet you thought that i was soft and sweet

hey mods, i hate guys who perceives every malay girl is cheap

let me just get to the infuriating part first shall i? so then i can just kick the motherfucker out of my head

who the hell says “oh, you dah legal. ape lagi? blow ah ;)” fucking cheebai thinks im like every other girl he sleeps with. so i said

“excuse me, sex-addict, i dont know if you noticed, im not your average cheebai fuck toy so leave”

i know i should have just block and delete him from msn straight away but i hung around to see what his reply would be and it was “step mana punya virgin”

that’s it, block, deleted. end of conversation

what the hell man? i mean, really? REALLY? and it’s only 15 minutes chatting

alright whatever,

today we had cinnamon sticks at the sky garden and posed for some pictures. it was fine i guess, getting wasted, doing nothing

oh well, let sexy adam lambert show you out


One Response to i bet you thought that i was soft and sweet

  1. alexandra says:

    he is so hot and sexy and special but in a very strange way
    i wish he was at least bisexual and not only gay
    quzz i aint got no problems gays and lesbos
    butt…I still wished he was mine……

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