that’s one fat ass meal, and you know im not talking bout da food

this is going to be a long one mods, i’ve warned you

hello anyways

i know i know, i’ve been gone for a couple of weeks i think. hey, absence makes the heart grows fonder right? heh, haterz to the left

beach fiesta was really a bitch. at least ravi was. i hate him with every fiber of my being. atleast i got to bond with Jun Kiat and Clement and Julie and Putra. yada yada yada everything went fine.

me, amalina and suzzie spent the night by the pool side on the tanning bench thing. armed with cinnamon sticks and ipod, we wasted the night, looking at the clear skies and many stars. ended up freezing my ass off so i woke up to light a fag. i woke um trembling mind you. we had to share a crammed room with another 6 person so we decided, ah fuck it we’re going to sleep outdoors. not a good idea my friends, not a good idea

the next day was basically working and getting sun burned and checking out babes and hunks

kay next up, the valentine’s day collaboration project, we have actually sent all the orders up and it was fun, i mean, looking at the reactions of recipient when they receive the little sweet surprise. i was envious, i admit

today, however was the highlight of all the events this month

sent sharven’s flowers and he seemed pleased with us. had to call this Mat Love and turned out he’s ‘beros’ and we were like, sheesh, i was expecting some hottie. misleading cow

P.E was hella fun, badminton-ed all the way with amalina, suzzie and diyana. i totally rocked and this time i didnt injure myself. i sweat like crazy, whoo burn off the calories

and i saw Joel and daymn he is so fine

talking bout burning off the pounds, im now offcially a gym member. i feel so proud. and i joined gym because wan has soccer every tuesday or something so

plus me and azlin was like

Owl Pictures, Images and Photos

and then we were like

nigga pleexz Pictures, Images and Photos

when Haziq took of his clothes on the field. heylll naw. that’s one fat ass meal, and you know im not talking bout da food. winks

badminton today was already making me crack up and azlin joined in the last minute and my intestine was aching with so much pain from laughing

come on mapley pronounced ‘ma- play’

took a quick ‘shower’ after that and relaxed for abit at the canteen. putra was like ‘kau mandi eh?’ and i ignored him. lol, sorry babe. i was too preoccupied with my song writing for kas marijuana, with azlin of course


tune ‘yang sedang-sedang saja- Iwan/ dangdut’

Khas Marijuana
Pakai cermin mata mah
yang hitam jhitam saja
Khas Marijuana

Pergi sekolah dia antar wa
balek sekolah dia amek wa
pergi makan dia blanja
macam biasa juga~
yang hitam dia juga~
dia bagai permata~
Khas Marijuana!

oh and of course we did a little song for Fai and Hisham

Itek gembo-gembo- A to Z

abang katek katek
due due nye pendek pendek
dan juge perot mereke boncet
prangai macam bodek

i cannot contain my laughter

tomorrow am going to get wasted with azlin and suzzie

and this drawing is for nana and azlin to analyze. guess who?

ooh boy you lookin like whatcha see wont you come over and check upon it? CLICK IT!


3 Responses to that’s one fat ass meal, and you know im not talking bout da food

  1. Nana says:

    Even if it’s a hell no, dier ttp gua pey bonch. wakakakaa..loyalty syah..loyalty. LOL
    my goshh.
    bend and CRACK cameo or whuttt!? hahahahaha

  2. rediscoveraisyah says:

    yer, loyalty.

    and YES im glad you figure out bend&crack! you know she’s too hot too miss. dont forget the chair man, the chair!

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