i hate being cupid

someone loves you

hey mods, damn y’all don’t know how tired this bitch is. even cupids need cupids youknawhamsayin’?

so me and azlin had to wake up damn early just to get our behinds to school to do the Cupid booth board decorations, not happy, just drunked

after an hour or 2 of lack of sleep and just playing around with glitters, we got very primary 3 results

it was suppose to say WHEN FRIENDSHIP MEETS CUPID but fuck that shit. we still had time to do some manicure

yea we so ghetto like damnnnnnn

i saw anuar zain bend, and snap for me. i almost had a heart attack. almost. and damn, in the middle of all commotion JX, panicked. “Where’s all the money?”- that’s one question that had all our hearts stop beating man. and then after much panicking, it was found, in his pocket. sorry i flipped out on you mo, man you were damn annoying plus i was stressed at that time

sharil looks stuck up, so does joel. we can all derive what kind of men i like. plus i blowed cover today. i mean, i was like looking around and saw Joel in the BEC and i took a sharp inhale of air and was like ‘Eeep!’. too sharp, my friends, too sharp. ’cause he prolly saw and i smacked my forehead right after that. damn


and nana also sent an anonymous card/flowers/whatever we sold that day to the 4eyed Hazq. let’s just hope he doesn’t expect it to be nana. i mean, really. i would die of embarrassment if i were her and when he found out thinking im a crazy psycho bitch (hi nana!) plus andy isn’t even that hot, eyebrows = ugly

and seriously, i can never get that suci is suci at a first look. i’d be like, oh another white ass not so cute boy. and then azlin would have to point out that he’s suci and i’ll be, “really? suci? okay” but he is cute, dont get me wrong

in other news, this saturday’s beach fiesta and we have to be at Sentosa at 7AM which is IMPOSSIBLE, even for Kim Possible. the train starts at 7AM to Sentosa! damn it

oh sheesh look at the time bye lahvs


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