scab and heal

in love with that shit

hey mods, how come all good things come to an end?

my heart goes out to JX for whatever hurt he’s feeling yesterday, possibly today also. i don’t find it fair for him. Shah didn’t have the right to butt in like that and make him feel inferior and i and azlin, hate her for everything she has done. did i tell y’all that i totally dislike Shah’s attitude

also, we (azlin and i/kadir&kadir) are abit down nowadays. there’s no ray of hope. how come every relationship we had HAD to start or end not touching Vday? i hate vday. none of the past 4 relationships survived till vday. what’s wrong with me

at least Nana had that cracked ray of hope from the divider in class. fml

in other news, i am currently drowned in project works and trying to contact group members. sometimes i feel like i’m carrying the weights of the project, not a happy camper

i need a second to breathe


2 Responses to scab and heal

  1. Nana says:

    HAHA. now that’s a new way to put it. a ray of hope. for me, it was an ‘oh fcuk’ moment siaaa. LOL.

  2. Ary says:

    You know, the feeling’s mutual. I hate, HATE HATE IT. The dislike bar has went UP. I’m at ITS receiving end too. So yea, aaargh. Someone should shove her off a cliff. *GRR*

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