today at school

this mods, is why we all need to go to college

today at school i actually enjoyed the long hours trying to pay attention but miserably failing. why? because i saw everyone that i wanted to admire from a distance. well except Omar, of course

also today, my beautiful form teacher planted a kiss on Yan Xun (read: she kissed her palm and printed it on his cheek, relax moms). he’s the one with the pink cap in my other post. and boy did he blush. he obviously looked so shy/embarrassed/queasy it was almost cute. almost

for lifeskills, the teacher got hold of our incomplete slides and we cannot help but complain a little about our not co-operative enough team players. remember guys, no work, no marks

also today, i wore my polo t shirt. which is 2 sizes too big for me. and Nana made up some cock and bull story about how i exchanged t shirts with Khas and how disappointed she is cause i hid the fact from her. she said Azlin exchange t shirts with Hisham too. oh god, tell me her imagination aint wild

i also saw Joel (train guy) and i was like so elated that i was almost glowing or shit like that. okay, fact, he has class at B108 every wednesday

in all honesty, Min, Zul and Trainer is fugly. no offense to anyone bb! once again, no offense. hah


One Response to today at school

  1. fizzyfizz says:

    OMG, that article is so funny.

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