not even a rainbow umbrella could make me smile cause it rained on this parade

i read Amalina’s blog and now i’m partly depressed and shit reminiscing, sobered up. Thanks Amalina, really. (Naw I’m kidding, i love you bb)

i miss talking on the phone late at night till the early mornings, laughing at your stupid jokes and listening to how your milo glass will clink every time its around 3AM and you’re getting hungry. and you’ll tell your grandma that you’re talking to one of your guy friend, and she’ll not question, and how your sister will tease you and at the same time make me feel uncomfortable

i miss your ability to make me laugh and how we used to call each other ridiculous names we made up that prolly didn’t exist. or how we call each other animal names, thinking it was cute although a camel isn’t so cute, is it? and i miss the comfortable silence that happens too often

i guess there’s a reason why yous didn’t make it to my future, although it isn’t always clear

sheesh y’all bitch is crying


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