lahv lahv lahv

hey mods

sorry for the lack of updates. school is exhausting nowadays, i have no idea why. plus i have nothing to blog about.

IEG & IEI went for the tourism tour

plus i saw Omar while in the bus. azlin was like hitting me repeatedly, pointing to the glass window to see Omar walking to school and we squealed happily like teenage drama queens


some of us went to hang out after the under water world tour with the class, miss becky, the craziest teacher you could ever imagine tagged along. our motive? PICTURES


if you’re wondering, the blue one is teacher

and some of many pointless pictures (memories beb, memories)


in other news, azlin and i are rubbed off the wrong way by cupid. urgh i just hate those lovey dovey couple. spare me all the kisses and sweet nothings. im like

jealousy, turning saints into the sea

does anyone else noticed how almost EVERYONE is packing on the kilos? it’s really disturbing and now i’m really paranoid. i keep measuring myself everyday.

they’re our future, and our future is looking fat- i love that quote

i cannot stop binging and purging.


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