i drank tequila, it fucked me up

I feel so dead

Today, Monday, I was greeted by kisses on both my cheeks as I walked to school (awkward). Thanks Siti. Good day so far.

Then WFB fucked me up. The lecturer smells like a dead dog got ran over by a shit truck.

A random boy, year one, sporting a same hairstyle as Yan Xun, called me by my name. “Aisyah” he said. “Oh shit, I dont recognise you~” I said. He slapped his hand on his forehead and chuckled. Then I realize that he’s Zulfiqar’s younger brother. Hello whoever your name is, you’ve grown to be hot. Reow~

In more interesting news, Hannah got Azlin and me free tickets to some Opera concert next Monday. $58 per ticket. Can’t wait to watch it, I mean, Opera? How cool is that? Thanks Hannah, love you.

After school Azlin and I grabbed dinner(carrot cake) and we talked for hours. We saw Nadia and waved and that’s about it. We don’t understand, why, good lord, why, we are alone. Everyone has someone, even the ugly ones have someone. Then we came to a conclusion that we, are, suay. We got emotional actually. And then laughed it off and talked smack about everyone.

Do is my last resort.

Azlin and I are both pissed with this certain nutsack. I’m sorry man, I just hate you with so much passion that it feels too good to stop.


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