tea time

Hey mods, lovin’ the picture? I’m feeling kinda Martha Stewar-ty, kinda grandma-ish so there you go.

Anyways today, me and the royal ass went trekking at the Macritchie(is that how you spell it?) Reservoir to jog the whole 10 km. It was, in one word, exhausting. But it was fun, walking around in our sneakers, sliding off muddy landscapes in the forest. Hey, they say no pain, no gain eh?

So yes we did walked 10 km, infact we ended up walking like a whopping 16 km. Because we were so strategically lost in the middle of the forest, we decided to follow a route (6km) out to the roads of Singapore. Miraculously, we found ourselves at a bus stop, 6 stops away from the reservoir. Yes mods, 6 stops.

We were in the bus, talking about how miserable I was and the Nurul had to take a shit so we had to get off at a Shell station. So she took the dump, and we got to Little India to eat something.

We bought Indian sweets! Sweet! Yummy sweet things that is so sweet you’ll puke it out.

So i then walked home and….I’m tired guys.


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