you forgot the salt, didnt you?

Hey mods

Today I woke up feeling happy, so I decided to cook- because cooking always make me feel happy. After all that jazz and the final product is served on a gold platter, my mom wakes up to taste the food. It looks good, really good. I served a very filling fried rice with the little potatoes and hot-dogs and whatnot. Hard work is really satisfying. I was already dreaming of the 5 star hotel that I’m gonna work for in the near future.

“You forgot the salt, didn’t you?”

Hey! At-least I didn’t fail like this kid

But enough of my failure in life, hows you guys? Good? I hope so.

Tuesday, I have no classes so I just do pointless stuff like Pilates to keep myself busy at home. Dumdeedum.

Sorry for the short post mods, I’ll prolly update again later, when something interesting happens. Bleah~ Who am I kidding?


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