first day of school

to describe my first day of school, it’ll prolly be like that picture

It was, okay, I guess. Nothing special, nothing weird. Except the fact that DO and MI are actually bridge leaders. Oh and DO tried to swing around the flagpole. Not a good idea, not a good idea at all. What’ ll ever happen if it actually collapse on him? Then he’ll get hurt.

We saw a gayer Bai. He looks like potential fashion designer and he looks like he thinks that he’s better than everyone else. Ego. Sexy.

Oh and I though I saw Omar, so I was about to like hyperventilate or do some girly shit right there but then I realize that this guy was way taller, way cuter, way clean shaved-er, and a tone fairer. Oh, year 1. I am in like. I’m definitely around the half-your-age-plus-seven rule eh? Eh? Eh?

I hate the year 1 January intake 2010 kids. I just dont like how they seem to think they’re all ‘big’ guys and girls just because they’re entering an ITE. Bitch please.


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