Little India

Hey mods

So yesterday, the royal ass and me went all the way to Little India so I can get pictures for my Tourism project. We had fun, seriously.

We walked and laughed and then Nurul bought a coconut. Really. A coconut.

Coconut lady

She told me to drink it, which I did but then spat it out. I honestly thought coconut juice is supposed to taste sweet, not 100 plus like. It tasted nazty. Really. And I couldnt stop laughing and the coconut lady thought we were poking fun at her.

So then, armed with a coconut in one hand and bubble tea on the other, we proceed to do real work.

God of the elephants… or something.

After about half an hour walking around, Nurul and I are convinced that the coconut juice is spiked. We were tipsy, maybe drunk. Our speech were slurred and we laughed at everything.

Bugis junction, Nurul bought her $50 zinc bag. The first guy that convinced us to but the shit is uber cute. And the one who got us the bag, was cute, in Nurul’s eyes. Sheesh y’all.

Then I saw a disabled child, begging on the street. He’s a child. And he is begging in SINGAPORE. That is not acceptable. That’s just wrong. If I found out who his parents are, I will kill them. That is just so inhuman in so many degrees, how could you let your disabled child beg in the street? So I gave him $5 and he smiled at me. I wanted to cry I tell you. His smile is so sad. What kind of world do we live in.

After the mood was spoilt, we went to Marina Square Starbucks, because the royal ass wanted to check her email. I got Dark Cherry Mocha Frap, and a pack out nuts and dried fruit.

Decided to walk all the way to Central and back to Cityhall. Nurul wanted to kill me. Long jouney, deep in thought. I love walking. She dont.

I love how people could actually feel how annoyed I was with the Royal Ass. That idiot.

That’s about it yesterday.

For those slow people, the Royal Ass is Nurul.

I couldnt sleep after that. Was awake like a fuckin Owl till 4AM, tossing and turning.


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