So we interviewed

Hey mods

So yesterday we got the interview going and I guess it was not bad, if I’d say so myself. It started out rough at first because we all totally forgot that it was Christmas Eve and school’s closed. Great, just great. So we decided to settle at Coffee Bean and got the boy a gingerbread man. Then the counsellor suggested the Library. Booked the project room library and it cost me $6.10 an hour. Bullsh*t.

But it wasn’t a waste of money because we did do the interview quite well in my opinion.

So the kid is 16, he looks 17 though. Thank the lord that he is quite the laid back type of mats. It wasn’t awkward because he was co- operative and the counselor has a wicked stutter. Azlin and I could not stop laughing~

After that episode we grabbed dinner and (I never thought I’d do this, ever) hung out and got wasted right under my block. From 7pm- 9.30pm, stonning in the smoke.

We played the ‘put all negativity/ positivity aside, in all honesty’ game. Which concluded in epic facts. Reow.

Urban Dictionary:
the noise a cat with mental retardation would make

We prolly be hanging out again today, only this time, we’re taking out the mikes.


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