there’s alot of seks in this one

Let seksi Freddie Stroma lure you in~


Hey mods

So Christmas is 2 seconds away and every major store is having sales discounting to almost 50% off. And my bank account is low, seriously shit low. $9.95. FML.

I’m going to have to make a list of thing to get soon.

Did I tell you I’ll be 18 next year? It is going to be awesome. I’m finally going to be legal.

My phone has been jamming and I seriously pray I’ll get a new cellphone next year. Although I just got this one for this year’s birthday.

In other news, I’ll have to go to school today for the interview session with the gangsterboy and his counselor and hopefully all goes well and he doesn’t call his gang to beat us up later~

Is Micheal Buble hot or what?

and Ricky Martin. Hard Gay! Livin La Vida Loca!

Her lips are devil red, her skin’s the colour mochaaa~

I feel so fulfilled now. Perv alert.

On another note, the High School class says that there’ll be a reunion of some sort soon. I’m partly excited by that. I am so going.



One Response to there’s alot of seks in this one

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    East Java – Agnes Widya


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