its been a long time

since I posted something decent, something worth reading.

Well, this one’s definitely not worth reading. Heh.

It sickens me how he would call me dysfuctional. I can count the times. I did, he called me dysfunctional 4 times. It’s not really a blow to the face or anything like that but it still hurt you know. Like it’s a nosebleed; it doesnt hurt but you still bleed you get what I’m saying?

I’m not dysfuctional, I’m just bored.

A typical day for me during the holidays would be of this scenario.

*Morning! Sheesh I slept through breakfast? Good god. (proceeds to turn on the computer) Time to text Ben (types something of this sort; EH FUCKER WAKE UP LAH YOU LANJIAO!) Laughing at what I sent him, grabbed my towel and race to the toilet, incase my brother decides to beat me to it.


Time to get out of the house and proceed to Starbucks, waste my life on caffiene and free wireless. Write some stories, write some poems from emo hell. Oh look its already 8 45pm, time to pack up, and get my ass home.


Anticipate Ben’s call. Think about what smart ass things I could say to him. Get nervous. Falls asleep. He calls at 11pm and I answer. “Hi toad” he will say.

it goes on.*

How pathetic is that?

Nothing productive.


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