Family fun

Hey mods!

Went for family chalet and had fun. Lovely cousins. Lovely food.

*Photo post

Birthday cake for the spoilt brat bday girl!

The poor mother and the little bday girl!

Auntie Yati, cutting the bday cake for the bday girl

I hate fish, but I cook fish

Ta- da! It’s like magic

Some illegal fire work activity and she looks drugged

Happy people playing with dangerous things

Daddyo grilling some chunks of marinated meat

Photo op, why not?

Kids enjoying the coral themed swimming pool

“OMG guys I totally found a totally huge oyster, you gotta see them dude”



Sad for them, they came late so that’s where you sleeping tonight

We ish conquerers of da pool

“But I want to play too!”

Fun times, fun times.

I think I have food posioning :\



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