3 times more chocolate

Hey mods!

How have you all been? I’m in a state of hibernation. I missed zoukout. Hurray.

Im eating the white kinder bueno. Yummy.

In a more, serious note,

I just found out that Shah thinks that I’m a person of no use. Say whuddddd? Bitch have you lost yo’ mind? No one, I repeat, no one would get away with sayin’ shit about me like that.

Hey, Shah, if you want to be the figure of authority in class, just say so bitch. But don’t expect me to give up half way. Come on, I challenge you, pick a fight with me. I’ll go easy on you.

Just so you know, nobody genuinely likes you. You can quote me on that.

Think I’m being too hard on you? Who gives a fuck? You deserve this. You totally deserve this.

A word of advice, stop talking smack about your parents. Maybe that’s why your life is so full of shit. Stop biting the hands that feed you you ungratefull little troll. That’s exactly why sunshine don’t burst out of your ass crack.

I’m sure you just want to hit me in the face right now don’t you? Guess what bitch? I’m off limits.

Oh sheesh y’all now you be thinking I’m too much of a pussy to be confronting you face to face. Wrong. I’ll be happy to kick your stinkin ass back where it belongs- in a cave. filled with silence that makes you crazy. and possibly suicidal.

We really thought you changed.

But thanks for the opportunity to talk shit about you on a world wide basis.

You can’t blame me for getting worked up like this. Even if you can, I dont give a shiz.



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