That’s Nequicha Kaisyah to you

They look at me they be like

Hey mods!

I’m feeling freaky today.

Anyways, people say that I’m unfriendly. I take that as a compliment.

So tomorrow’s the class barbecue thing (in hopes that we’ll be more concrete)(tough luck) and y’all know how I’m feeling. Time to shut my fool mouth up and have a big fake smile plastered on my face and say that I’m having the time of my life.

Nahh, I’m just being the whiny ass brat that I am. I’ll have fun. I’ll make sure they make me have fun. Or I’m killing a hobo.

Anyways, Salihin asked me to zoukout with him sometime soon. Great, then I’ll look like a fat hooker wearing a freakum dress. I ain’t ready yet.

Oh and call me by my ghetto name now; Nequicha Kaisyah.

Don’t be messin with me.

Madz figure drawing skillz. That’s me with an Afro of some sort nigga. Credits to Nana. Thanks gurl. Click on it if y’all want a clearer shot. Of course you be clickin’ it.

Now give yo suga mama some sugar yo’. Sit on mama lap.

Anyways, so today Ary cried. I totally know how she felt. Nobody likes being ditched like that by the certain someone. Rude. This would be the 2nd time, not cool man. Not cool at all. Don’t make mama jump into this screen and slap the motherfuckin piss of your motherfuckin stupid ass.

Ary bb, cheer up.

K babai.

Nana and Lin, y’all know you be wanting to comment on this shiz.


One Response to That’s Nequicha Kaisyah to you

  1. nana says:

    Yo Nequicha!~
    kau actually post that stoopid tak seberapa drawing aku nieh?!
    damn you ghetto biatch.
    i’m soooo reporting itt to Fat Kay.

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