For your entertainment

Song- Apologize-One Republic

What kind of guy are you, eating off a girl’s purse? I know you’re not working and all but really? Do you have to borrow money from me every time you wanna eat fucking KFC? Please, It’s getting to a point where I feel like a walking ATM machine.

What’s wrong with your motorcycle that you have to check it in the shop every freaking time? Nothing is wrong with it. Kau aje yang gatal nak modify lah, nak design lah. Maybe if you stop spending shitload of money on that bike then maybe you wont have to starve or borrow money from me.

Aku sepak kau baru tau.

Erreytime we go out (with Faizlin) you’ll definitely buat perangai. Mengamok macam berok mosai lapar. It’s embarrassing. Why can’t you be like Faizlin eh? They’re so quite. Tak gadoh- gadoh.

Anyway, dont you have the courtesy to angkat Fai ngan Lin up their bike? Dorang tu dah lah temetot, naik motor scrambler plak tu. Atlast aku yang kene pikol dorang. Tak gentleman langsong ah lu. Panas je gua.

I totally regret ditching Juriah because of his berok jadi-jadian syndrome.
Eh bang, he drives a Harley okay.

With that, I want to say, we’re history. Sorry pal.
(Now Re and Mi comes in
Re: Nya! Kenape nagngis Nya?~
Mi: Jangan nangis nangis lahhh~
Re: You tak boleh gini, you kan dah besar~)



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