If I wanted you here, I’d know

Hey mods, this will be a little nonconstructive.

I cannot wait for the term break.

There’ll be a class outing soonish, and to be honest, I don’t want to go. I’m naturally this anti-socialgathering type of person. I was thinking of paying the $10 and just skip the whole thing. I bet I’m going to miss a chunk of fun but, bleh, whateva. And I’m the monitress. Isn’t that nice?

But I’ll feel guilty, I mean, the organizers did try to make it a successful event. Sorry man. I’m just not up for some barbecue session at some beach.

Miss Becky is going to shit a brick if she reads this.

Anyways, the exam period is here. Oh lord. I think I’m being to hard on myself. Nah, I’m just being a pussy. I want to ace so bad. It’s personal.

I just broke my spectacles. Fml.



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