She made me do it (photo post)

She made me do it.


2 girls, 1 cam




This is the part where I have to say nice things about her or she’ll upload some nasty photos on me up on Facebook. Thanks pot.

Nurul is a

  • Best friend (7years and counting)
  • Nice
  • Happy
  • Crazy
  • Psychotic
  • Clown (Once we meet up, we can never stop laughing)
  • Cute (So she says)
  • Pretty (So she says)
  • Dependable (You can like call her at 3AM in the morning and be like “Dude you need  to come over right now” and she’ll be like “Be there in a sec”)

&most importantly,

  • ANNOYING (She’ll be like ” Youwannawatchamovie? Youwannawatchamovie?Youwannawatchamovie?”x3  EVENTHOUGH you said NO in the first place.)

Great, I got through that without puking myself sick.

Are you happy? Are you happy?



Peterpot btol.


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