I’m alive yo’

Hey mods! It’s been what? A week or so? I think so.

I miss you guys! Really! ❤ (lessthanthree)! No, Im kidding. Why would I miss you? HOW can I miss you? I dont even know ya’ll. I’m kidding sunshine.

I’m here today (after dragging my sorry ass after some 50minutes of morning Pilate)(you should try it, it makes you feel healthier instantly) to update upadate ‘cha on what’s been happening here in my life. Because it is so interesting.


Took up daily Pilate classes with Ellen and it has been great, so far. Obviously, the results of a leaner, slimmer me couldn’t be achieved overnight- therefore I have to keep going at it. I love sweating and panting like a dog in heat- makes me feel contented. Am I weird?

Also, my mom has been really supportive of the classes. Overly supportive actually but whatever. My youngest sister still tries her best to get me to ruin my diet by offering me Lays every now and then. I refuse (most if the time anyways). Currently my meals are all pre planned and I have to count calories. I hate it.

I have adapted the diet of a Rabbit. I’m only allowed to chew on carrots because my mom reckon that it’ll improve my eyesight and it’ll make my eyes look cleaner- if there’s such things. Also I have developed long ears and buck teeth. And I live in burrows. Rabbits lives in burrows right?  I’m starting to hate chicken because I have chicken thighs.


I have been obsessed with getting make-up/ facial products this month I get the trio blusher from The Body Shop. OMG I tell you it is so gawjus!


Trio Blusher stuff

Oh and I FINALLY bought the Cocoa Butter chap-stick and I’m lovinnnnnn it. Also from TBS. It smells soooo good I want to eat it.


Also, I have been loving the mineral powder foundation by Maybelline New York. It’s this weightless foundation that gives you a light to medium coverage. It feels good on my skin. Bought another tube of Ardelle lash adhesive. Got 2 more tubs of body butter by The body shop in Grapefruit and Mango. Let’s see…what else? Tinted face moisturizer from ZA because my face is kinda dry and I need to look alive during school.

My hair has been growing and I am very happy about it.  I have now decided to actually follow the hair regime everyday without fail. That includes, double washing, moisturising, towel wrapping and air drying. Of course I’d have to brush it out after that. My CATWALK hair finish ran out on me after Hari Raya.

Hari Raya

I got money.

The Noors

That would be me and my youngest sister.




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