Ye long awaited post

Hey mods!
Sorry for the exploding hiatus, leaving you all clueless and all dry, not knowing what is up with me. My apologies.

Anyways, it is the term break for meand it is also the Raya season. Yes, time to get some moolahs. Ka-ching! All I can say is, my first day was tiring. Hated how my cheap ass $30 peeptoes forms ugly, angry red blisters all over my poor feet. Thank god for foot-scrubs and moisturizers. Plus point, I get to hang out with my awesome cousins again. It’s a once in a year affair okay, so leave me alone.

Roll it;


Foolish people


We still had time to jam to old school Raya songs;


I went to 18chefs the other day with my girls (Ary, Azlin, Aishah, Amalina & Suzzie) and had a hell of a good time.

I had the Vegetarian baked rice (dont ask) with white creamy sauce topped with chicken slices. Yummy yummy yummy I got food in my tummy!


8324_103131753034054_100000116903456_84115_7556757_n This is what happens when you give a fat kid a bowl of cheesy goodness.

Your bitches.

8324_103132549700641_100000116903456_84143_3301624_n Norazlin Rosmani had wicked extensions. Minahrep 😉

Another round of bitch.

also we shared the brownie ice-cream fudge thingy, delish.

DSC02205 If you think Im trying to take a shot of that Army guy back there, you’re so wrong.

Aishah treated us a big ass bowl of cheesy fries topped with bolognese. Fattening (:

Azlin and Suzzie ate most of it.

I ended up purging everything because I felt guilty. It made me feel better.



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