When a heart beaks, no it dont break even


Hi mods! Today’s post will be a little bit on the touchy side, heart breaks.

You fall in love, everything seems picture perfect. One day you started noticing his changes, how he doesnt text you so much anymore, how he give reasons for avoiding you at school. Then you started feeling insecure and start checking his text inbox, over react/exagerate every single text like it’s a clue to his cheating, even though you’re not entirely sure if he really is, in fact, cheating. There’s always the inevitable misunderstandings that eventually lead to some serious fighting. Then, breaking up seems to be the only option.

It’s sad, when all good things come to an end. It hurts, but sometimes it’s a good hurt. In life, we need to learn to break some hearts. True, but what if you’re the one who’s getting the other side of the stick?

Being cheated, used is something no one likes. So why do it? Why cheat when you’re in a stable relationship? Is it the thrill of getting caught is whats motivating you? Or you’re just some asshole who likes the idea of someone hurt? I dont understand.

Make me understand.

I know this is a short post. I’m too deep in thoughts, listening to sappy heart break/ suicidal music to generate more personal opinion.




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