Revision, revision, revision and chapstick

Truckloads of books

Hey mods!

I know that exams are suppose to show you how you fair at applying what you study in class, but this is getting out of line. Maybe it’s just my brain and that I’m too thick.

Business Environment is such a clusterfuck module. I hate trying to pay attention in class and I hate it more trying to do revision for the upcoming exam. It’s just so not interesting and dull and boring. The teacher doesn’t help.

I know that the teacher is not supposed to be blame if anything happens to my paper but I am pissed right now and I couldn’t give a flying fuck anymore. Sorry Mr Tan. It’s just that the surrounding environment turns to like a freaking Sephia mode when he enters class and I just couldn’t help but sleep/ doodle/ fondle with my cellphone. I mean, it’s just that the whole module is just filled with words like Government, Law, Taxes, Enterprise, Economy and every thing that’s BORING. You can’t expect me to be really into it. Really? REALLY?

Now I’m flipping the textbook (which is just a pile of words on paper extracted from Wikipedia binded together) making notes, trying to memorize/ understand what the hell Sole Proprietorship really means. This is just plain old school torture! And I thought Math had done that already.

Okay, now some of you might think that I’m some lazy bitch who wouldn’t study or is suffering from Dyslexia or shit. Well, screw you assholes!

I sound crazy.

Anyways, I’m running low on supplies and worst thing is, I’m running low in cash too. This is really depressing.

The weather is super chilly nowadays and my Nivea Essentials Lip Balm is dried out. Even my Lip Butter is finished! Now I’m like using some cheap ass chap-stick as a replacement for the time being. I don’t want chapped ugly lips! I get chapped lips during cold season often and it’s not a pleasant sight. Us girls needs super smooth pouty kissable lips you know. It really gets to me when I look into the mirror and start having to pick dead skin off my lips. Depressing. Now the girl can’t kiss.



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