Dont get too personal

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Don’t you just hate it when a guy gets too personal upon chatting for the first time? I mean, really. Turn off.

I totally hate it when a guy asks me how many past boyfriends I have, or if I’m like into sex/masturbation. Isn’t that like something personal? They need to learn where to draw the line. They really need to listen to, Cassie’s- Long way to go.

Anyways, so today’s Friday, last day of the working week. I’m feeling pretty good actually, I mean since the whole 4 days since Tuesday we were all basically slacking because classes are always canceled at the last minute, leaving us with 3 hours of pure boredom/movie watching.

I hate it when they cancel classes at the last minute. It’ll be lke I wake up early at in the morning for the 8am class and gone all the way to the school via train and when I get to class, I find out that the class is canceled. This is bullshit.

I just realized the week was not as productive as I thought it would be, you know, since the Exams are coming to eat our faces.

So I just got back my EPL (Events Planning and Logistics) mock paper and I got a C. A freaking C. I thought I could get an A or at least a B. I guess I cant really be too hard on myself, it was the first EVER test/mock exam the class ever took for EPL. We didn’t know how the question was going to be like, we didn’t know what to expect, really.

Mr Tan has been postponing our BZE (Business Enviroment) test and now, there’s no time for anytests so he’s calling it off. Perhaps half of the class thinks it’s good news, but I seriously doubt so. I mean, I need to do the test to see where I stand, you know what I’m saying?

Next Monday’s Teacher’s Day and the class created a video montage for Ms Becky and Mr Faris and I think it’s going to be really cool. Oh, Miss Becky looks like Kelly Osbourne. I’m not even kidding.

On Wednesday, me and my girls were just hanging out at the foyer to people watch and we ended up sitting on our butts for 4 hours, just watching people. I saw my eye candy up close  and I wasn’t like ready. I was like, OMG I am this close to kissing him. *Faints. Oh and we, as in Azlin and I, decided that the cute Arabic looking guy who always walks alone is fine. Fine as in Fineeeee. We decided to call him “Abang Tikar”- dont ask me why. Every time I see him, I’d be like “Eeeeeep!” Enough said.

On Thursday, the whole class crashed the library and watch The Grudge. Aww, the whole class hanging out together, how sweet. I know. It was one of those rare moments. It was raining heavily and I was like freezing till my toes turn blue in the very very cold room.

We had fun pushing all the buttons while racing againts the Elevator people (we were Stairs), pissing them off because the door would open everytime it reaches to the next level, eventhough there werent anyone. Hah!

Thanks for reading!

P.S I am sooo in love with this dude. He’s totally awesome, go check him out.

Jeremy "Passion"


One Response to Dont get too personal

  1. maxrooney says:

    well,the guy who ask u about the sex qns is a *&&%@#!@&^*&*%#@%$…hahaz…like mcm pervert kan…if i 1st time talk or meet a girl i wun ask such personal qns…lolz…dun say 1st time,i meet u everyday in class also i never ask anything….

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