School’s eating my face

tree bed

Hey mods! I’m having The case of the Mondays again, like every other Mondays.

I am so tired. Really, I’m exhausted from trying to study for the upcoming exams and shit like that. I have like eyebags ON my eyebags, I look like shit nowadays. I need someone to cater to me. I need sleep.

Sometimes I get to sleep early because I need to rest up for what hell school’s going to be, like I’d go to sleep at 9PM and I’d find myself trying to sleep. It will always end up backfiring me. I’d sleep later due to the pressure to sleep early, you get what I mean? I’m trying to sleep early but end up sleeping a couple of hours later because I’m trying too hard to sleep early.

Sometimes I’d ‘accidentally’ wake up and couldn’t get back to sleep. That is really frustrating. I mean, like one time, I woke up at 3AM and I couldn’t get back to bed. I was so desperate I tried slapping myself to sleep, hoping I’d knock myself out.

Presentation preparation for my Communications class sucks. It seems like I’m the only one who’s doing the whole script and that asshole does nothing but stare at me. It is just not fair, I mean, I know she’s retarded and shit but I still need help you know. It’s not like I never asked for help, I do but she just DOESN’T help. AT ALL.

That aside, I have upcoming Events Management mock exams and THE BLOODY EXAM ITSELF soon. There’s also Business Environments tests and EXAM. Oh snap, TOMORROW’S THE TEST. Then there’s Office Applications EXAM on WEDNESDAY and I’m shakin’ trying to practice the questions given.

To my classmates, I feel the pain ya’ll, and dayum it hurts BAD.

Everyday I see thousands and thousands of words, and lines and stuff that I gotta REMEMBER by heart. It gets depressing, really. Never knew College Life would suck monkey balls.

Thanks for reading!

P.S Should I start taking sleeping pills?


2 Responses to School’s eating my face

  1. Ary! says:

    NOOOOO! Pills won’t help.. And there’s always the case of OD.
    Godddddd nooo! So do what I always do – drink something warm – like warm milk or hot milo. You’ll eventually get to sleep.

    Or get something lavender scented. Keep a satchel under your pillow or something, it helps to ease the nerves.

    It sucks moneky balls. Esp working with REE tart.

  2. rediscoveraisyah says:

    The Lavender idea sounds good. TY 😀

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