That would be Kyle Sibert from Livelavalive.

Hey mods! It never really dawned to me that teenagers text so much.

I was just walking home after school today and I realized that every corner I turned to, I’d see people texting. Is it becoming an unhealthy compulsory thing for us?

I actually found out that I send out texts around 1646 per month and that is considered LITTLE in the society of ever texting teenage drama queens. I don’t think I could survive without my phone even for a day.
Communication is very important you know, I need to keep up with the latest gossips and stuff.

I think I text too much. I think WE text too much. I can text like anywhere. ANYWHERE. I’d be texting in subways, libraries, movie theaters, in lifts, in the loo, in CLASS.

Right, finally something pops up. Texting in class. While most schools have the no-cellphone-in-class policy, the schools I’ve enrolled in, don’t. Good thing? Maybe. I’d find myself and my classmates texting away during a supposedly important lecture almost EVERYDAY. It’s like a natural thing to do, like eating and breathing.

My bill is rising to the skies, forget roofs. My father tells me that if I’m unable to limit my self, he’d take my phone away. I WOULD KILL IF HE DOES THAT. Okay, I lied. I’d probably get one of those top up cards and swag an old useless phone and use it until he decides to give it back.

Any ideas on what to day to my dad when he decides to strike?

Would you survive if I strip you of your precious phone for a week? Probably not.

Oh, I found out that we’re called the iGeneration kids. Heh.

Thanks for reading!


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