Only human


Hey mods, today is one of the days when I feel the need to cry for no apparent reason.

Sometimes I get overly emotional. I don’t deny it. What kinda ticks me off is when I get overly emotional over NOTHING.

Like today, my best-friend an I were just talking. Just talking about, you know, girl issues. Then the subject about crushes came up. She was telling me about how she feels like confessing to the dude and I was just listening. When she asked me for my opinion, I gave her my 2 cents worth.

I said that if I were her, I wouldn’t confess. That’s just me. Experience was my reason. Being rejected is not something one would take lightly you know. I asked her what would she do if the dude completely rejects her in her face. She said she’s ready for the rejection. By experience, I told her that one may think she’s ready for a blow but in actual fact, she’d break down after the rejection. Everyone thinks they can handle things they actually cant, it’s a fact. I then told her that maybe, just maybe, she’d not breakdown on the day itself. But give it a few days, when it dawned to you that you’ve been rejected by one whom you have deep feelings for, boy would you hit rock bottom.

Of course she denies this, she says she’s not as overly emotional as me, she doesn’t feel things as deeply as her poet best-friend. I just stared into space, kind of in a faze (it unintentionally rhymed) weaving her story to my past experience. Then, tears start forming and I felt like the biggest douche ever. She pointed that I’m acting all stiff about it because of my past and I was. It made me sad. I cant deny it. It actually made me sad, looking back.

So I was crying and she was trying to make me stop crying and then she wanted to cry. We were in the public’s eye, mind you.

I’m sucha pussy đŸ˜¦


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