I look like death


Hey gang!

The weather is not making me grin like the toddler with boogers oozing out of his cute little nose.

I am furious/ annoyed at the weather this past few days. I am going through a life crisis I tell you.

My hair is going so frizzy/ dry it feels like Barbie’ s hair when you take her out from the water. My lips are so chapped it feels like I kissed a bowl of oats bfore going out of the house. My nose is running like a freaking dude from Kenya running a marathon. I look like death.

Okay maybe I exagerated some parts but I have issues with the weather. A chic should not go through this stage at 17! (unless it is winter but it is Singapore and there’ s no such thing as 4 seasons and that is VERY besides the point)

Right now I’ m on the couch, hoodie on, tissue stuffed in my nostrils, hot tea in a mug (i drink tea, deal with it), trying to stop trembling while typing furiously. How sad is that? Its just sad I tell you.

I want sun, sand and sea. I want the 3 hot S’s (pronounced; asses). Is that too much to ask for? Really? Really? REALLY?! (but no Im not going to Sentosa with Suzzie, Nurul, Aaron, Shun Li, Nirmal ad whoever. Hi guys!)

Even watching gay porn isnt going to cheer me up now. Unless it’ s Harry Potter and Ronald Weasley making out naked and then having wild Texas style sex. ( HAHA, is the image in your head? Give it a sec… try harder… your welcome :D)

Thanks for reading!


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