What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas

there for tomorrowHey gang!

Is it me or the guy with the vest looks like a tanned Gerard Way?

Well, whatever happens, it’ s not in Vegas. Its in, Malaysia- the neighbouring country.

Anyways, I was at Malaysia the whole day yesterday for some late shopping. But the highlight of the day was at the end.

The idiot driver abandoned us while we were having dinner. Abandoned us! And we bought him food! I tell you, this people need to be skinned alive. It was around 7pm and we were eating dinner and he just fled! Like a coward! Oh god I was so pissed you don’t even want to know.

He then calls us at what, 10 pm, and says that his brother will drive us to Singapore. His brother was in Singapore and had to come get us and all our shopping bags in Malaysia back to Singapore. How unbelievable is that? My god.

Can I just say, the teenagers in Malaysia are so full of crap. Smoking/ driving bikes at a mere age of 15/ 16? Please, get that out of my face. It is so annoying, having to hear their guffaws while trying to enjoy the dining experience. Shitheads.

At least while having to stand for 2 hours (waiting for the fucking driver) a 20++ year old Caucasianwas hitting on me. It was weird, getting tell tale signs from a 20++ Caucasian. He has the nicest nose. He had this friend who looked like the Scorpion King from the Mummy Returns. They are so weird, as in creepster weird.

Spotted this group of hotshots, obviously not Malaysians also having dinner there. One was wearing a cowboy hat, one had dreadlocks, one had hair so spiked I think it could prick my finger and the list goes on. Turned out they were Singaporean (saw them in a Sg plate car).

So when the other driver finally came, it was around 11pm. To make matters worst, we were caught up in the fucking traffic jam. A 1 hour ++ traffic jam.

Anyways, thank god we reached home and went to take a long ass bath and crashed on the silk duvets of my bed.

Thanks for reading!

Oh and here’ a list of what I swagged.

  • Loreal Elseve smooth intense care shampoo (because my hair is damaged thanks to flat ironing too much)
  • Loreal Elseve Nutri gloss intensive shine mask (because my hair needs to shine for everyone)
  • Dove leave on hair lotion, Intense damage therapy (because my hair is damaged)
  • Vaseline Lip Therapy (because I want smooth lips)
  • Listerine bright and clean (because I like white/ clean teeth)
  • A brandless flossset (because I dont want anything stuck between my teeth)
  • Foot scrub (I believe you know why)
  • CKintoyou perfume (because I like the smell, ya dig?)

That’ s just what I purchased because Im a thrift and, well, Im broke.


One Response to What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas

  1. Goobergaba says:

    u sleep in silk duvets?

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