There for tomorrow

Hey gang!

Everyone seems to be starting school and it’ s making me nervous for my starting of school. I dont know what to expect from a new school and a whole new (rebels) schoolmates. What if I wasnt cut out to be in college? I still feel so High School. Oh wait, I havent reached my birthday yet.

Azlin’ s not going to be in the same school! 😦

Right so, I was thinking, since it’ s a new school and all, should I totally change? Like should I totally go through a transformation since I know noone there? It’ s probably a good idea because I’ ll be able to please more people.

My aim for this new phaze of school/ life.

  • Lose 10 kg (which is higly posssible, I did that. Have you seen my primary school photos? No? Then you can just shut up about it)
  • Learn to put the dick away.
  • Show thy feminie side, through rock.
  • Stop cutting my hair.
  • Tell Ben that he annoys me when he does. Tell him that I have had enough with his ‘ possesiveness’ because he just assumed that we are a hillbilly couple. Tell him that I never WAS his hillbilly girlfriend.
  • Not crack under peer pressure. (Im going to the toughest campus, I heard)
  • Not smoke/ drink/ do drugs.
  • Save more to spend on shoes/ bags/ clothes.
  • Tell Mick earlier if I cannot make the dateline for Spastic.

Okay since I already got that out of my system, lets get sidetracked. My sister just offered me milk. I am Lactose Intolerant. I am unable to consume dairy products (although I love milk). How nice of her.

Oh and I guess that’ s all.

Jogging tomorrow.

Thanks for reading!


2 Responses to Uncertainty

  1. Sally. says:

    Aku pn si beh nervous for school! *hyperventilates*

    & AARON’S HAWT ALREADY?! So fast? LOL! :]

  2. AAdyla says:

    wait azlin’s nt goin to the same sch…
    oh well i’m also nervous….leceh sey kene register ni semue…haha

    anw nice pics…cool:)

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