Shiver me timbers

Random hotshot

Hey gang!

As the tittle suggests, yesterday was freezing. It was like post winter or something. I was bored so I asked Shahidah if she wanted to waste time at the mall and she agreed.

Walking there, in my bermudas, school tshirt and hoodie, looking like I’ ve just gotten out of bed, and Shahidah, forgetting to bring her cardigan along although it was freezing and wet, we managed to crack some stupid jokes.

While walking to the MRT station, I heard some gruff voice called my name but decided to ignore it (SORRY). Then someone hit me on the shoulder with a piece of paper. Ready to glare at the criminal, I turned around, facing a familiar face. Aaron. The first thing that came to mind was ” Omg how/ what/ why is Aaron hot all of a sudden?” so I had to cover my being floored by saying something stupid. ” Hi Aaron (waves like an over excited nerd getting a new mathematical set)” And so I shook his hands before departing. I shook his hand! Omg! *faints.

Did I tell you Aaron looked good?

So I met Suzzie to pay up $18 for my purchases at a blogshop. She was with Xi wen. I have to say that Suzzie has quite a considerable amount of cleavage/ boobs. UNFAIR. I want big boobs too. Oh dont act like you’ re disgusted. If you’ re a chic, you want big boobs, to flaunt. If you’ re a stud, you also want big boobs, to grope. Okay but that’ s very besides the point. The point of the whole 2 paragraphs is, Aaron is hot.

So after that we headed to Burger King because we feast like Kings and saw 3 guys from Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School. 1 of them was WHITE. White as in paper white. I’ m not even kidding. I thought he was an Albino for god’ s sake. He’ s most definitely am not. He had freaking white skin and JET BLACK HAIR. If you cant imagine, take a black permenant marker and draw on a white paper, that was how he looked like, Im not even joking. They glanced at us and I swear, I , Shahidah heard he said ” Daymnnnnnnnnn.”. I’ d like to think that he thinks my hoodie is awesome.

Went to get my dad’ s present, a Tshirt that costs $23 and looks better on a teenager but, who cares? It looks good. Looked around for Shahidah’ s tops- she already decided what to buy. Then she bought chewy/ munchy chocolate junior, this chewy pastry thing which is nice and bought me bubble tea and we heade down to my house to chat, catch up.

I SAW AFIQ. Omgee. I know. We were talking and complaining and suddenly I saw Afiq walking home with his girlfriend. *swoons, he’ s so hot.

Decided to jog on thursday and do Pilates tomorrow. Set up this new routine since there’ ll be Napha test, amazing.

Thanks for reading!


One Response to Shiver me timbers

  1. shahida says:

    i really had a BIGLAUGH reading ur post! serious shit! HAHAHAH! abt e cleavage thing. that was totally horrendous! Or must i say in short,disgusting much? HAHAHAH! Okay,shutup! Oh yeah,’AARON IS HOT’! HAHAHAH! Oh,stopit aisyah. ur making me laughing non stop! hahahahah! & please,i wna try that pilates! i think,it’ll be fun doing together dont cha think so? *keningnaiknaik* hahaha. k,see u on thurs! jogging timeeee is up! :D:D

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