The quest for shoes

mitchell davis

Hey gang! Tittles on blog posts are important.

Okay so lets get down to business. Yesterday, Nurul and I were cruising around town in search for school shoes. But you guys know we arent gonna go get the cheap kind so we went searching in the halls of Converse, Vans and whatnot.

I had my bangs up and I realized that looking at the world with 2 eyes is way better than looking through a pirate/ emo eye.

So she came to my place as usual and we walked to catch the train to Somerset. I guess we were pretty high on life ’cause when we started the adventure (I would like to call it that please) we started laughing at nothing.

Okay so we were in the train, laughing at this group of loud, nerdy bunch of school girls (discreetly of course) minding our own business. Then at one of the stations a woman got in with her baby. You see, I wasnt standing beside Nurul but across her, so I was laughing/ talking to her. The woman turned to me with a disgusted expression on her face which clearly said ” OMG is this chic crazy?” How rude. Seriously. Plus, she was wearing a sleveless Adidas shirt and didnt even bother to shave her underarm.

 That is disgusting and this is not France.

Oh and this part is somewhat a highlight. We were waiting for the green man at a traffic light and we heard 2 foreign boys talking. Their voices is just plain funny. It’ s like they oinched their noses while talking you know. So we were making fun of them, not actually seen the faces. Well, I turned and MELTED. The funny voices belongs to 2 sexgods. They are so freaking hot. I mean, they’ re so hot that when I was talking to Nurul, I cant help but look at them. So did Nurul. My god. Hotshots.

So as usual, we crashed at FarEast plaza. Homie wasnt there, wasnt working at KFC so it was actually quite boring but we managed to crack ourselves up. They pulled the blinds. It was like a club cum fast food restaurant.

We then got into the shoe hunting mode. I saw ALOT of shoes that looks good on Nurul but she doesnt feel me, you get what Im saying? So we were laughing all the way, finding a pair of shoes. Oh I saw this pair of shoes which is a steal $39. 90 and plan to get that for school. I also saw this totally radd bag which I also will be buying for school.

There were alot of hotshots there at Fareast, also shoe hunting. For instance there was this 2 guys in V necks, they are like, Calvin Klein model worthy (here is the part where you squeel) I know right! Seriously.

Okay so we finally decided on a pair of shoes and the lady selling it wasnt really fluent in English so she basically gave us the green light to laugh at her.

Me; Hi. Can I know the price of this one?

Lady; Oh. The ply is below the shoe one. Ya, all shoe got ply below. (Translate to standard English; There’ s a price tag on the soles.)

Me+ Nurul, avoiding her face ; Dont laugh.

I think I might have broken 2 or more ribs trying not to laugh.

So the lady goes and find Nurul her shoe size.

Lady; Come, let me check for you if can or not. (Translate to standard English; I’ ll help you check if its the right size)

Nurul; *Laughs.

Me; *tries to cover for Nurul’ s outburst. She’ s abit crazy.

So Nurul wore the shoe, perfect fit.

Lady; Ah! Just rit (prounounced as reet)! (Translate to standard English; Just right!)

Me; *Laughing so obliviously.

Nurul; *Laughs along.

Lady; * Doesnt know why we’ re laughing but laughs along to be polite.

I think I died laughing there you get what Im saying. I mean, seiously. So we laughed our way to Paragon, where we had our usual dosage of Starbucks.

Wow, I just realized that the Starbucks session we had wasnt really funny. Except for a couple of clowns, asking to be critisized. Same ol’ same ol’.

However, HMV was something else. We were like judging every record there is. It was hilarious. I mean, Lady Gaga is shit, she’ s like chanelling Kerli.

So we went to the movies section and the movie playing was High School Music 3. As expected, Nurul was singing along. I had to constantly remind her to shut her pie hole. We made a couple of conclusions.

  • Clark Kent from Smallville looks like plastic.
  • Charmed sisters looked like hobos in the first season.
  • Kyle Xy is one of the top 10 most hottest man.
  • Pokemon is the best animated cartoon in our time.

We spent quite a long time there and I guess the people there noticed.

Okay so here comes the ” Time to head home” part. We took the train and as usual, got the best seats. A whole mob of workers enetered and the guy standing in front of Nurul looked like a fat sexual predator, reading FHM or something. He also reminds me of the likes of Mr Vincent Tan, our history teacher. I couldnt help laughing at him thanks to Nurul who was saying things like ” If this man fall on me, I’ ll be like a thin crusted pizza.”

So yeah, that’ s how the day basically ended, well, after I walked home like a fuckin speed train because I felt the need to pee.

Thanks for reading!


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