I’ m a dreamer Part Dos

all time low

Hey gang!

Right now I’ m flying in my plane back to Ohio. I’ ve been spending a couple of days in Tokyo. Father had some business to attend to and he decided to bring the whole family for good luck.

My twin brothers, Cole and Dylan (from the Suite life of Zack and Cody), spent most of their time in Disney Land, trying out all the madz rides. I, on the other hand, decided to travel around Tokyo with my personal tour guide, Kiyoto Elchickalano Marshmellow (he’ s part Japanese and part Spanish). Oh and I flew my best friendsxzsz Nurul and Hafiiz to join me because I needed company.

We saw All Time Low perform and got backstage passes to meet the band and demand for an autograph. We snuck into the band’ s tour bus and when they got in we bombarded them with questions and what not. Amazingly the security guy pulled us out so we were all sad and all. But the boys were awesome enough to give us their autographs and a free Tshirt.

We went to a district in Tokyo called Akihabara, where all the hype about technology is. Kiyoto brought us to a ” Maid Cafe”. For all of you who havent heard of it before it’ s like a cafe but the cafe had their waiter/ waitresess in little maid costumes and they’ re all so KAWAII and stuff.

Everytime you go there they’ ll ask you to take a little photo of them or something, like little cards of photos or something? (I much rather use my Canon Vixia 80 to film the whole thing but.) So me and my friends were like what the hell, we’ re just going to take the damn picture.

Our little waitress for the day was called Aiyu or something similar to that. She liked got all of us in the photobooth and before that there was this wall of animal hairbands and she just went like “Wear this” and so I had the cat ears, Nurul got the bunny ears, Hafiiz got the lion mane and Kiyoto got the dog ears.

We also went to Shabuya, it was absolutely amazing. Harajuku was another part we went to. It was actually quite dissappointing, I expected much more from there. So my favourite parts of Tokyo would be Akihabara followed by Shabuya and then Harajuku. We only travel around Tokyo so.

So now we are in my plane, heading to L. A first to drop Nurul off ( she’ s studying engineering there) and up next is to Holywood (where Hafiiz is persuing his modeling career) and then back to college life.

I really loved Japan, Absolutely loved it. I hope I could visit there again. Hopefully I will because it was just very special.

You have no idea how make- belief is so entertaining.

Thanks for reading!


One Response to I’ m a dreamer Part Dos

  1. fish hafiiz says:

    haha I’m wearing my lion’s mane…FIRECE!!!!…and thx for emphasizing my modelling career…i continued the story in my post…lucky got time to do it….

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