Kiosk lady


Hey gang!

So here’ s an issue I (and most of you) have been dealing with quite awhile while goingt o the mall alone. We all get attacked by the kiosk lady.

I was out an about, trying to find my usual facial product (Make- up remover, facial wash, toner, moisturizer) alone because I was running out of them, obviously.

That’ s when they get you, when you’ re alone. Usually I have my friends with me and they’ d pull me and act like they’ re talking to me so the kiosk lady cant budge.

So I entered this store and walked around in it, grabbing what I need when the lady in black suit with plastic make up said to me ” Let me see your hands.” When people command you to show your hands, you do it. So I showed her my hands and she said ” They are rough, like a mechanic’ s palm.”

Now I dont know how many people have ticked your hands off like that but I ended up having both my hands buffed and polished.

 So now I’ m  thinking, be strong be strong eventhough she just gave me a free scrub  it doesnt mean I have to buy it. This is the time, when they get you. ” Would you like to buy this special gift set for your hands? For the special costumer, $30.”

That’ s how I ended up with the mositurizing set and you bet that Im going to use it.

Dont act like this havent happen to you before.

Thanks for reading!


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