Current addiction


Hey gang!

Currently my robot AIbot is cranking the tunes from the unstoppable, trash dumpster music, incredible duo, 3OH!3!

3OH!3 (pronounced “three oh three”) is an American electronica band from Boulder, Colorado. The band is named after the 303 area code, which covers Boulder, Aurora, and the Denver metropolitan area.

The members were inspired by the underground hip-hop scene and Foreman, then a member of the band Eight Hour Orphans, invited Motte to mix some beats with him. The two were helped early on by friendships they had made with local acts such as Grace Gale, Signal to Noise and The Blackout Pact.

Their music is nice trash, not the kind you get out of ammature rapperz.

Again, their material is raw. Explicit content, hardcore gangster beats and in- yo- face lyrics makes you want to screw them. They arent afraid to speak their mind through their raps, which makes them a no bull duo (which people, not only chics, love).

The only problem I had with their music is the fact that I cant blast their song in my house because my parents could here all the swearing and all the sexual content packed in a single. Sad, I know.

So, I guess all I have to say now is 3oh!3 all the way.

Oh, is their album released in Singapore? If it is Im getting this one before Lily Allen’ s cd (that’ s how great they are).

Thanks for reading!


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