I’ m a dreamer Part Uno.

james bourne

Hey gang!

My name is Aisyah and Im 18 years old this year. My birthday is on the 14th Febuary. I live in Ohio in a big big house complete with a backyard pool. Currently I’ m staying in a dorm in my college but it’ s cool.

Im musically inclined and my boyfriend is James Bourne (Busted, SonOfDork’ s frontman).

I’ m studying Arts and Culture so naturally I deal with alot of paintings, drawings, photography and history. I am one of the many talented editors for my school paper and I have to say, it’ s not an easy job.

Lately I just purchased my Iphone 3G and is having an awesome time with all the applications like the fog screen, the startreck sound effects and the whole touch screen thing. It’ s cool ’cause I can hook it up with my Mac and just download songs like crazy.

My billionaire father just deposited $ 5 000 in my bank for school allowances and whatnot. I’ m planning to spend impulsely at TopShop and M. A. C. Father says it’ s okay to spend truckloads of benjamins only if you donate to a charity. Well I do. I donate to my favourite Charity, invinsiblechildren (go check them out) about $1000 last month.

Oh golly, look at the time. I have to go study now (I know, pain in the arse) so I’ ll update more tomorrow.

I know right now, you’ re thinking, ” Oh god, have Aisyah finally went bonkers?” Well, sadly I havent. So, how about you guys? What’ s your ideal life? Post a blog about your ideal life and I’ ll be sure to read it.

Thanks for reading!


One Response to I’ m a dreamer Part Uno.

  1. fish hafiiz says:

    wow….”great”…desired life…mine is way more better…haha…no lah..yours is also very cool…the mobile part…and your rich father…haha funny…i was laughing hard

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