Who ‘s your favourite female singer?

lily allen

Hey gang!

When people asks you ” Hey, who’ s your favourite singer?” You’ ll probably take a few minutes to decide but atlast say ” I dont know.”

Well when someone asks me that question, I smile widely, show my set of pearly whites, and say loudly (and clearly) ” Lilly Allen”

 Why? Why Lily Allen you ask? Well, personally I think she’ s cute. She sure can belt a tune and sings well even on live shows, without tweaking her voice like Paris Hilton. She’ s gorgeous, she have an amazing voice and she has a unique personality. Who could say no to those big shiny marbles for eyes?

I think she speaks through her songs, like Pink. When I listen to a song, I dont just listen for the sake of listening. I need to probe deeper in the lyrics for me to enjoy the song and I feel that Lily Allen’ s songs connect to me like how Simple Plan connected to me in the emo days.

So she had been a drug user and an alcoholic. 

 “I’m not gonna say I’m never gonna do drugs again. I just know I’m not a good person on drugs”.

 People arent perfect, we all have some skeletons inside our closet. It’ s just sad that all the skeletons she collected are being showcased on the wide screen, thanks to the press and the media. It’ s the same shit that’ s revolving around Britney Spears. Aside from the fame and glory, I think celebrities have shit wayyy much more than we do. D’you notice how many times I said ‘shit’? But that’ s very besides the point.

I think Lily Allen should be or could be a role model. She’ s not perfect but atleast she’ s real.

Thanks for reading!


3 Responses to Who ‘s your favourite female singer?

  1. God, I love Lily Allen. She is the most real woman you can find in the entertainment industry todays.
    Plus, how she calls out Amy Winehouse and other stupid celebrities is extremely amusing to say the least.

  2. rediscoveraisyah says:

    Haha. Agreed. Lily Allen is real, no gimmick.

  3. fish hafiiz says:

    my favourite female singer is………still whitney houston!!!! and aretha franklin…sorry..1970s fan here…interupting with the modern singers in the world…white teeth..important!!!!

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