One day robots will rule


Hey gang!

I was just sitting on the couch while eating some bananas watching iCarly and suddenly this random thought just occured to me like I was being knightedy the Queen of England or something.

One day I would like to build a robot. I’ ll name it AiBot ( you know, Ai as in Aisyah and Bot as in roBot).

My robot would be the most coolest, most awesome robot there is. She’ s going to have a built in Espresso machine, built in milkshake maker. Oh I’ m going to install like a freaking emotion sensor so she can have the ability to feel, like us. Dual flash memory so she can remember the people she meets.

Most importantly I want her to have like a ginormous stereo like at the back of it’ s head so everytime like we go to the mall I can blast like 3OH!3 and grab attention like never before.

At night maybe we could do each other nails and stuff. Oh wait, Aibot’ ll do my nails and I’ ll polish hers. Oh I did mention that I’ ll install like a recorder in her right? So when I pour my heart out to her I’ ll be able to actually replay what I said and work on solving the problems.

Cold, hard hands dont really matter to me when I need a hand to hold. She’ ll be like the most greatest robot cum friend ever.

I think I’ ll install like basic knowledge of English, Mathematics, and Literature so she could help me with my homework and stuff like that. She would be like a robot tutor.

I’ m a dreamer, what can I say?

What am I really trying to say now?

Thanks for reading!


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