Breakfast, so important

lucky-charms You Are Lucky Charms. Your the one everyone wants to be, but they don’t know how truly complicated you are. You can put up a good front at times, and can be indecisive and moody. You can be a delight or you can be a pain but whatever you are people still like you and sometimes they show that through jealousy. So give the mean girls a chance they just wish they had your “charms” and brilliance. LOVE MATCHES: EVERYONE

Hey gang! I was eating cereal this morning with my chipped tooth sister and naturally we started talking about cereal.

What do you think is the world’ s greatest cereal? Raisin Brand? Cornflakes? Rice Crispies? I personally think that Lucky Charms is no. 1. Who could resist the chewy marshmallow. Plus, they come in all colours of the rainbow! You know? Seriously.

She disagreed. She said Frosties took the trophy. No fucking way. Frosties is just a big pussy (no puns intended). I mean I have never been a fan of Frosties.

One more thing. You know how you always gets the little toys in the boxes? I think it’ s rediculous. I mean, it’ s like 2/ 10 chances you’ ll get the toy truck you know. It’ s just demoralizing when you buy like 5 boxes and get the same shit over and over again. Worst, nothing. Just a thought.

Anyways, kids, teenagers, adults, we all should embrace the goodness of cereal at breakfast. Like all the crack head dietitians say, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” 😀

Thanks for reading!


2 Responses to Breakfast, so important

  1. fish hafiiz says:

    I love cocoa pops…it changes milk to chocolate milk…hahah YUM

  2. rediscoveraisyah says:

    Still rubbing that I’ m lactose intolerant arent you? ;P Anyways, Lucky Charms is still the best.

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