Hey gang! I’ ve switched from blogger to wordpress because I can.

To my avid readers, the quality of my posts will be the same ol’ funny, witty, braggy, edgy and whatever adjective you can possibly think of. Like Super-cala-fragalistic-expialidoshus. I regret to say that I will still inject some puns and vulgars to express myself more clearer- not that I am incapable of using polite, normal, unexciting language. I hope you guys will continue reading my blog and as the blog link suggest, rediscover Aisyah.

To my new readers (this shit is broadcasted all over the world) I hope this blog would somewhat entertain you and I’ ll totally appreciate it if you guys could hope on the banwagon and continue to read my blog 😀

Lastly to everyone out there, I know that there’ s no tagboard and whatnot but well, there’ s always the comment section.

Oh have I mention that you’ ll get a free hug (virtual) if you comment me? Sounds good? Sure does to me.

Thanks for reading!


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