Stereotyped, canned and sold.


Hey gang! I will say this once and I will not repeat this. I dont like people calling me emo. I dont like that. I know that I’m wearing a From First To Last band Tee right now but I’ m wearing it as my PJs. I dont even like FFTL anymore, I used to, back in like 2 to 3 years ago like ” I want to be emo because it’ s so cool to wear all black although Singapore is an oven of a country. Yeah I want to be emo. Yeah! Emo!” and it’ s like now, I want to be Aisyah, I just want to be me. I don’t want to conform to any sort of image.

People right now, people who are just getting to know me, they are labelling me ” Emo.” And to me the most stupidest thing a person can do is to label themselves. I am like no no no no no, labels are for people to do to you, like ignorant people to do not for you to lable yourself. I dont know, to me that’ s not a good thing.

I don’ t like people calling me Emo, you know people are web camming and skyping with me and they call me Emo, I get so uncomfertable they’ re like ” You’ re emo.” and I’ m like ” No man, Im not.” I feel like being emo or scene or something, you can’ t just be emo or scene, you have to want to be emo and scene and whatever. They’ re the type of stereotype that people use on themselves. Even though I think it’ s ridiculous.

Sure I listen to Alesana, Fall Out Boy, Silverstein and what not but I also listen to Kanye West and 3OH!3 and Owlcity you know. It’ s not just one brand, genre of music. It’ s not like I’m trying to conform to something. So, you know, stop saying that I’ m emo. I know people are going hit me for this but I just want you to know the people who are calling me that, that you should all stop because it ‘s annoying. That’ s not how I see myself.

Thanks for reading!

Because I felt the need to proof myself, I did the Emo quiz. This is my result.

You are slightly Emo. You probably have bangs and dress in slightly too tight clothes that look like they’re from the 80’s. You get called an Emo kid, which bothers you a little bit.You listen to decent music like Radiohead. You also love My Chemical Romance, but you can’t get them all right. You cry a little, but you usually have a good reason, like your puppy died or you got to meet Ryan Seacrest or something.

11 Responses to Stereotyped, canned and sold.

  1. sandral01 says:

    my name is miss sandral,i saw your profile at and ibecameinterested
    in you,i will also like to know you the more,and i want you to send an email to
    my email address ( .Remember
    the distance, colour or language does not matter but love matters alot in life

  2. rediscoveraisyah says:

    To Sandra01
    I do not know how to respond to that. But thanks for reading!

  3. msruzzie says:

    hey hey!


  4. AAdyla says:

    anw aisyah…u r just talented in writing blogs…so do what u want:)

  5. rediscoveraisyah says:

    Thanks AAlyla 😀

  6. AAdyla says:

    p.s i like tat u put up cool pictures…haha!

  7. fish hafiiz says:

    haha you not emo lah…i tried an emo quiz they say i’m not an emo no matter how hard i try….haha…they say..i’m a skinny pants far away from being an emo

  8. Hank The Werewolf says:

    I didn’t read this but found your page by typing “Miss Sandral”‘s address into google. Seems “she” is a spammer or robot or something like that. I got exactly the same message except with a different website where she found me… I wouldn’t advise emailing her 🙂

  9. rediscoveraisyah says:

    lol k thanks

  10. xxxMurderMexxx says:

    haha heyy i really agree with you. im the very same i dress that way and everything and everyone automatically asumes im ’emo’. not necassarily. i dress this way cause its my style and its me. people always say ‘well you’re depressed and you cut because you’re depressed and you’re emo’ and when i ask them why they think that they always say its cause i dress the way i do, and you show your “emotions” with what you wear… thats great. lol well…anyways just wanted to say i like it.and the pic xD im gunna go listen to hawthorne heights lol PeAcE 😀

  11. ibrahim says:


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