Say goodbye

To Ramadhan 11. And on the most important 10 last days of this blessed month where people are chasing after Laylatul Qadar, my menstrual cycle decides to give me a visit. Thanks >;'(

Im on my Optimus Black so thats why theres no gifs and all that good stuff.

Im losing my touch, seriously. Think i should just shut this blog down.


Ramadhan 11



Hey guys just a little quick update via my lg optimus black my god mom bought me 😉

Downloaded the wordpress app and kinda experimenting with it.

So todays the first day of ramadhan and hows everyone doing? Good i hope. 29 days to go aight.

With puasa i aim to lose weight, like every year. I already bought my hari raya costume and its purple so red lips is redundant isnt it? I’ll have to stick with nude pink lips.

Exhibit A;
(This is where a picture of me is sposed to appear but idk if its somwhere else in this post)

So whats your colour this year?

Oh and i bought shoes too. 4 1/2 inch tan wedges from new look. (Again idk where the pic would end up)

Selamat Berpuasa 🙂

Humdrum Guy

People(some) make me want to stay single for the rest of my life.

Its like I want to be in a serious, level-headed, normal relationship but damn, the people that are left, damn, I just suddenly lose all my pent up desire to be in relationship!

Like I envy those girls who are in a nice healthy comfortable relationship and Im waiting for my turn but I will not settle for any humdrum guy man. like

I am not going to settle for a broke ass scrub okay.

Some people (this bitch) has been going on about how I am too “picky” and that thats why im never in a relationship. But whats wrong in that? Im picky for the right reasons. All these things, are preferences. And these are good things to have!

I like a Family guy, I prefer them to be older than me, I like a guy who is guarded by his religion and humour is important to me.

That is not being picky. I think those are good expectations to have. Its reasonable.

Sure, there will be compromises to make but not when youre just willing to adapt and adapt and adapt and end up with a lowlife.

I used to think that maybe lowering down my standards is the solution, but NO. Its not. Why lower your standards? Like why do girls keep doing that? Do they think they’re not worth of the standards they put up for themselves? You’re willing to go low to hook up with a million times below average guy?

Chivalry is dead and guys now (at least the one that stumbles in my life) they’re just, I dont know how to put it, the level that they perform in has severely dropped, in my opinion anyway. I mean, its just hard to meet someone genuine and sincere nowadays.

Its not just guys, to be honest. Some girls, they’re just too easy. Why?

A relationship that starts fast, ends fast. I’ll leave you with that.

My growing feminism is showing.

This is a Perfection post

If you ask me, who’s body I’d like to swap with, Kim K. Hands down, Kim K. Just fucking look at this person!

Impossible to achieve when youre too busy being  broke and cant afford a personal trainer or a surgeon.

I have this as my phone background so that whenever I happen to look at my phone, I’ll be reminded to not eat #curvespiration

Although of course even if I did a million crunches and plank (the exercize, not that stupid ass trend) for 24 hour straight and survive on my own saliva till im 25 I still cant come close to her hot bod. Depressing.

I dont even care if her face is fake or if she had lip filler and botox for dinner ever fortnight! Shes beautiful!

To my ladies who know that this is literally impossible to achieve, because we lack at the boobsicle area, its okay gurl, we in this together you hear?

So have you guys already figured my obsession over this perfection?

Of course I know some of you might give me the old jeebeez about how “every body shape is beautiful” and all that “every women is beautiful in their own way”. Go preach! Dont lie and tell me you love youre body 100% kay!

but I am a firm believer that “If you look in the mirror and you dont like what you see, change it” and Pilates.

And Meal Replacements and Starving

Gimme some lip, boy

Hello, gorgeous~

This post is dedicated to my one true love, makeup so if you’re not interested then, thanks for being one of my statistics and you can go click the “X” button of your many opened tabs aight.

And before I even get into it, let me just say, to all those trolls who think that make-up is for low self esteemed girls or fake chicks, why are you even here?

get the fuck out. Dont worry about me and what I put on my face kay!

So ladies, and Hafiiz, (lol), I need your help. Seriously. I have been sticking to nude lips for as long as I have been using lipsticks.

here, an example, dont mind my bucktooth and my face and my hair:

And, its time, I break up with my favourite lipstick shade of all time yall, of all time, the nudes.

You see I wanted to start on the baby pinks, but because Im a lady of colour, it looks bleh on me~ I have this (my first pink gloss ever) Sephora gloss in Cute Pink and well, its real cute but, no, it doesnt work for me you get what im sayin? its like a baby pink for babies~

So then I decided that maybe, I should start my Red Lip fever all over again. Like BAM! BAM! BAM! Bold~

Should I? Cause I dont know. Guess I just have to work it this Hari Raya yaknawhamsayin’? Im going for this look :

Like isnt that INTENSE? If Kelendria Rowland can pull that off so can I! (im talking about skin tones here, gurl, keep yo’ weave on kay)

So, whatdyouguys think? Try something new or stick to the old school?

Shout out to Hafiiz: Yesterday, boy, I dreamnt about you! I know! I dreamnt WE were running a wedding photo shoot! And we had the lights, camera, glitter and all that! Lol. Who run the world? US


Anyways, anyone else excited for HPDH2? I know you are

A couple of things put together

I have finally realized what triggered my writers coma. Books. And my anti-social wall I have built around myself.

Last time the sunlight hit me? Man, AGES AGO. AGES. Like on Sunday man. SUNDAY. Its freaking TUESDAY now!

I have been reading and staying in my cave (room, it has everything so why go out right? and going through society and having to talk to people? psh, no) and god damnit I am STILL reading Stephen Kings Under The Dome. Im STILL only 3/4 way through the book. I pride myself for being a fast reader. But this book. This book just grounds me. I feel like I have dyslexia trying to read this book. Go try

Anyways, I guess not going out isnt such a bad thing. I mean, what the hell? I dont have to get my hurr did, dont need to put my face on and I can wear whatever the hell I want to. Sweet. Just me, my Starbucks Tumblr filled with tea and a book, in my room, away from society.

Oh man, talking about Starbucks, it has been a million years since I saw my best friend/ lesbo partner, Nurul. I planned to text her but you know, we just plan to text her but then got around to do other stuff, yeah, well I didnt :\ But she did! She texted me and boy it was great to hear from her. I think we’re gonna watch HPDH2 at Cathay on a weekday cause its only $6

Cant wait.